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Welcome to iot-device wikibase. This is an experimental sandbox, where we gather IoT devices....

We start with bathing water temperature IoT devices that starts popping up as data silos with or without an API. The potential is

The intention is to


PREFIX iotd: <>
PREFIX iotdt: <>
SELECT ?bathIoT ?bathIoTLabel ?bathIoTDescription ?coord ?API ?www ?eionet ?Hav WHERE {
  ?bathIoT wdt:P31 iotd:Q2.
  ?bathIoT wdt:P625 ?coord.
  OPTIONAL {?bathIoT wdt:P6269 ?API} # used as the service we get data from
  OPTIONAL {?bathIoT wdt:P856 ?www} # maybe use what is in  Wikidata? 
  OPTIONAL {?bathIoT wdt:P9616 ?BathWaterIdentifier} # BathIdentifier defined by
  BIND(URI(CONCAT("",?BathWaterIdentifier)) AS ?Hav) 
  # We have a technical debt with P9616 it should just be defined when it is created as an euProtectedAreaCode
  # Lesson learned is that the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (Hav) use the same value also 
  # before it is "created" but then have the odd name NUTSKOD
  # * work around is that we rank it depreciated when its not "created" but used by Hav
  BIND(URI(CONCAT("",?BathWaterIdentifier)) AS ?eionet)
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "sv,en". }


  • IoT devices at a bath with no Eionet bathingWaterIdentifier - SPARQL
    • IoT devices at a bath with a deprecated bathingWaterIdentifier i.e. it is a value at the Swedish Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Managemen but not an official bathingWaterIdentifier - SPARQL - Not supported yet read more